The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us. It has made it harder to see our mob and get the services we need. Aboriginal Community Home Connect is a new free telephone and online service for Aboriginal tenants living in Victorian social housing.

Home Connect can help you with:

  • Resources and support services for our mob.
  • Support for children and youth at school.
  • The latest information on COVID-19 and how to stay safe during the pandemic.
  • Information and regular follow-ups for physical and mental health, financial difficulties, housing and child welfare services.
  • Resources and advice to support tenancies.
  • Keeping in touch with mob or if you just want to have a yarn with someone who cares.

New participants will also receive a welcome pack that includes a $15 food voucher.

marlion pickett

“I’m proud to be part of a program that will provide long-lasting support and strengthen our community.”

— Marlion Pickett, AFL footballer, Aboriginal Community Home Connect ambassador and proud Noongar man.


Submit your details below and one of our team members will get back to you.

Please note: Aboriginal Community Home Connect is available only to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tenants living in social housing in Victoria.

AHV Tenant
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Will I be speaking to an Aboriginal consultant?

The majority of our staff is Aboriginal and you have the option to speak to your preferred consultant. This question will be asked to you when you first opt-in to the program

How do I opt-in to the program?

You can opt-in to speak with one of our consultants either by filling out the form above or by calling us directly on 1800 313 030 where you will speak with our Intake Coordinator, who will pair you up with the best consultant for your needs.

Are the calls confidential?

Yes, everything you yarn about is completely confidential between you and your consultant. There may be a time when the consultant thinks it’s best to refer you on to a service to receive the right support but this will only be done with your permission.

I am a tenant in public housing but I don’t identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, can I still speak to someone?

This program has been created to only support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social housing tenants. If you are a public housing tenant but otherwise ineligible, you can still seek support here: https://www.housing.vic.gov.au/help-public-housing-tenants

What days am I able to speak with a consultant?

When you first opt-in to the program you will be asked what days and times work for you best, and when you are allocated a consultant they will call you at your regularly scheduled time.

How many times will the consultant call me?

This is completely up to you! When you start with the program, the consultant will work with you to determine how often to schedule your calls.

Can I stop the calls from the consultants?

Yes, if you feel like you don’t need to speak to your consultant any longer you are allowed to opt-out of the program. Your consultant will work with you to understand your needs and will support you in any decisions you make regarding the program.


Aboriginal Community Home Connect has been launched! Give us a call to have a yarn to our friendly consultants!

Introduction letters have been sent to all Aboriginal tenants living in social housing in Victoria. Didn't get your letter? You can still get involved! Give us a call on 1800 313 030 or submit your details in the form above!

Aboriginal Community Home Connect is available only to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tenants living in social housing in Victoria.

We're excited to announce the recruitment of some deadly consultants to our team. We look forward to having a yarn and supporting our mob across Victoria!

About the Program

The Aboriginal Community Home Connect program is a new six-month project responsible for delivering welfare and education checks to 1,565 AHV households and 2,754 Aboriginal public housing households through (at least) fortnightly telephone or other forms of internet contact over a six-month period. The project aims to support 10,000 Aboriginal people residing in AHV and public housing. The program is being managed by Aboriginal Housing Victoria with the Support of Homes Vic and VACCA

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Through telephone and internet contact with Aboriginal social housing households across Victoria, this program will:

  • Provide immediate support, assistance and service referral;
  • Maintain social and community connection;
  • Build cultural strength and resilience that lasts beyond the pre-vaccination COVID-19 crisis

Home Connect provides connection to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community living in social housing in Victoria, in the following context:

  • The COVID -19 pandemic made it more difficult to seek support for those who were already vulnerable.
  • 1 in 2 Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander public housing tenants do not know where their next meal is to come from.
  • Adapting to remote learning was difficult for Aboriginal households

This program speaks to the Aboriginal community directly to support those at risk to becoming lost to education, training and service systems, through outreach and understanding, before they reach critical point. It does so by:

  • Establishing and maintaining positive social connection through a regular friendly phone call to have a yarn;
  • Undertaking welfare checks, including physical and mental health, financial, housing and child welfare;
  • Providing plain English information on and access to resources and support;
  • Providing warm referrals to assistance and support agencies and following up on engagement;
  • Delivering key messages to tenants on the meaning of the current ‘rental moratorium’, the importance of sustaining their tenancies and acting promptly to prevent tenancy breakdown;
  • Identifying and addressing barriers that may be preventing children participating in education and training, either face to face at school or through schooling at home;
  • Identifying and addressing the emerging and real issue of youth at risk of disengaging from the school system completely through the lockdown measures.
  • Building and maintaining social and community connection and preventing issues escalating due to disengagement from service systems and education, training, employment and food insecurity.
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